Our company takes great pride in serving our customers. Whether you are a hobbyist searching for the right helicopter, gyro, etc., or a major corporation in search of an RPV with stereo vision and a 30 pound payload, BOLAR is equipped to handle your needs in a timely and professional manner while keeping costs to a minimum.

BOLAR's services include:

Complete construction and maintenance of scale and pod and boom helicopters as well as custom RPV's for aerial photography, surveillance, data collection and more

In the past we have developed custom RPV's for companies like Boeing and bd Systems.

Advice on choosing the right product for your application

Don't let someone else talk you into something expensive that you may not need or want. Ask BOLAR what is right for you and they will recommend a product that will fit your application.


Installation of a wide variety of accessories, including video systems, radio equipment, gyros, tuned exhausts and so much more.

Flight Instruction

Available two ways: A free course is offered with the purchase of any new helicopter, or an affordable advanced course is available.

Contact us to ask about your needs.

Custom designs