... and see what your model sees ! ! !

Prices start at only $499.95

BOLAR provides COMPLETE, TURN KEY, REAL TIME, COLOR, FULL MOTION VIDEO SYSTEMS that are FULLY AEROBATIC and ready to be attached to a multitude of models including helicopters, planes, trains, gliders, blimps, cars, boats and just about anything else you can imagine.

Our quick mount universal systems are great for not only the R/C industry, but for a multitude of other uses as well.

These quick mount, universal systems come with adhesive backed, aircraft grade Velcro and can be transferred between almost any aircraft or other vehicle in minutes! They can be used with R/C planes, trains, gliders, blimps, cars, boats and more, as well as for uses outside the R/C industry including surveillance, automobiles, full size aircraft, ultra light aircraft, body cams and almost anything else you can imagine.

The wireless 2.4 GIG transmitter transmits both video and sound to a monitor, VCR or TV which you supply, or right to your eyes using the i-Scape head mounted display!!! 


 Our turnkey systems are specifically designed for use on R/C helicopters.

R/C helicopters have their own special needs. No matter how carefully you balance blades, engines, clutches, etc., there will always be vibration present, even if it is not visible. All of our dedicated helicopter systems are specially designed to significantly reduce or eliminate vibration from affecting the camera. To our knowledge, BOLAR is the only company designing turnkey, fully aerobatic, vibration isolated video camera systems for the R/C helicopter hobby industry!

Individual components are available also.

All systems include a versatile pan and tilt camera mount.

!!! You can actually earn money with these systems !!!

Earn money and enjoy this wonderful hobby AT THE SAME TIME by capturing video for event documentation, disasters, surveillance, construction projects, insurance companies and more! Or just impress the folks at the local flying field with a never seen before perspective - from your model. Chase other aircraft and capture the action on tape!

These highly flexible and very affordable systems are available several ways.

  We offer complete turnkey packages dedicated to 30*, 46 and 60 or larger size helicopters, as well as quick mount universal systems for almost any other application.
Individual components are available also.

Dedicated 30, 46 and 60, Gasser size R/C helicopter system

Hi-Res RC helicopter system

Fixed wing, other aircraft and universal system

The bare bones system

Individual components


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