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BOLAR builds, tests and ships pod and boom helicopters from the following manufactures.

If you are interested in scale, click here.

In addition to the increasingly popular Intrepid, Bergen also offers the Industrial Twin, which is well suited for custom RPV work when heavy loads must be carried.
Ultra-star 2000, Uni-60 Trainer, Starlet 50, H-Trainer 2000, Trainer-E, Starlet 50 Electro
Hirobo offers some of the most spectacular scale and pod & boom heli's out there!
JR's Ergo series is docile enough for the beginner, yet retains plenty of performance for the serious competitor as well.
Miniature is synonymous with robust, high performance and well mannered helicopters.
Home of the Raptor, this company offers a real bang for the buck! Click here to see a sneak preview of their next exciting design.
Unique and well designed, Vario's line-up includes some well performing pod & boom heli's as well as many, eye catching scale ships.


Home to the aggressive, 3D Millennium series of high performance helicopters.

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