2 good reasons why we like to do business one on one


Manufactures, as we all realize, are constantly offering new and updated products and BOLAR wants you to take advantage of the newest products and technology available. There is little that is more irritating than spending your hard earned dollars, only to find out that you've bought old technology. Because we are a small company, we buy in small quantities and this means that we don't get 'stuck' with old, out of date stock. By contacting us directly, you can be sure to receive the latest products and information available to us, as well as our advice on whether to buy now, or wait for an upcoming product. Don't get stuck with another companies old stock that they've put 'on sale' just to get rid of it.


In a world fast filling with computer generated voices and complicated forms, we still prefer to do business the old fashioned way - one on one. We enjoy talking to our customers and believe that they have a right to personal service ..... without the annoying computer generated stuff.

To order or ask about any product on our web site, or to inquire 
about products not listed here, please contact us.

We do offer a simple online order form to place an order for our video systems. If you wish to use the form, click here to choose which product you are interested in and then navigate to that products order form. If you prefer a personal approach, choose an option below.


We have provided several options to make communicating with us easy:

phone: 1-570-656-5435

email: bolar@ptd.net

snail mail:

322 North Seventh Street
Lehighton, Pennsylvania  18235


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