> Our Mission <

At BOLAR, our objective has always been to provide unparalleled professional service, products and components to a broad variety of R/C and RPV clientele.


Our products include an wide array of scale and pod and boom helicopters, aerial video systems and components, as well as highly specialized RPV aircraft for data collection, professional and amateur aerial photography and more. Our diversity, attention to detail and timely project completion times has provided us with a very unique client base, which includes names like Boeing, bd Systems, Heli-View and more, as well as individual hobbyists both nationally and internationally.


At the heart of BOLAR is the great pride we take in providing all of our clients, from the hobbyist to the multi-billion dollar corporation, an unchallenged level of professional service. The latitude of our service encompasses almost every aspect of R/C and RPV systems and components, from flight training, RPV selection, scale models, pod and boom helicopters and aerial photography to customized equipment and components and full rebuilds.


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