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Much more than just a hobby shop, BOLAR HELI RESEARCH 
encompasses almost every aspect of the R/C and RPV industries. 


Our exclusive services include highly specialized RPV design for a broad variety of clientele. In the past we have provided custom RPV systems and components to individuals and corporations for purposes such as remote inspection, sensor package haulage, aerial photography, stereo vision and more. Working closely with aeronautical engineers from companies including Boeing and bd Systems, we have designed test platforms for software development projects including GPS assisted navigation and autonomous flight as well. Using conventional and CAD techniques, we can design custom RPV equipment and components for almost any application.


Utilizing both in house and outside resources, we are fully capable of building and assembling all equipment that we design.


Engineers are often constricted by budgets and time schedules. Equipment breakdowns can be fatal to the success of a project. BOLAR is there when our clients need us most to repair and maintain all of the equipment we provide. Because of deadlines and/or other considerations, it is often not feasible to ship equipment to us for repair. It is for this reason that we offer on-site service.


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