Image: v2 X-Cell
Image: JR Airplane Remote Control
Image: IScape Glasses
Image: Top View of Helicopter Frame with Mini Camera
Image: Small Camera in Palm of Hand

BOLAR HELI RESEARCH builds and distributes many brands of scale and pod and boom helicopters and accessories. Custom work is also available.

We produce complete, ready to fly scale or pod and boom helicopters, including all equipment, engine, exhaust, and gyro ... and then top it off with a freshly painted or trimmed canopy. Each helicopter is carefully assembled by a handful of highly experienced personal who truly care about you and your machine and the service they provide. After professional assembly, all machines are test flown and trimmed and then carefully packaged, fully assembled, in BOLAR's custom crates. Once your new helicopter arrives, you need only charge the batteries, fuel-up, unfold the blades and you're ready to experience the thrill of flying! Or, if you prefer, you can take delivery of your new heli at BOLAR's research and development headquarters, located in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. While there, Larry Smith will be glad to spend time acquainting you with your new machine. And if you need flight instruction, you'll be happy to know that there is no charge for this service with the purchase of any assembled heli!

Bolar Heli Research is now your one stop shop. we carry a full line of helis ,cars, radios , electronics, support equipment, planes ,boats, and trains. we will also offer them completely  built  for a low cost. BHR builds all size's of scale. We do all types of repairs. Don't live in Driving distance of BHR - no problem, The normal heli ships for about *60.00. If you ship it to BHR  we will pay for half for the way back if we do the work. Custom canopy painting is available. BHR truly does it all.

*US dollars

Bolar Heli Research is now offering a low cost week long flight school. call Larry for details.

Ever consider mounting a full motion, real time, video 
camera on your model and see what your model sees!